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Annoyed by a local business?

Unhappy with a local public service?

Concerned about a local social issue?

You've come to the right place! A Bit Too Much! is a new place that lets you complain about anything you are not happy with in your local area. Start improving your community now!
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What it is

A Bit Too Much! is a one-stop-place for complaining about local businesses, public services and social issues.
You can use this site to get your voice heard and put collective pressure on local businesses and service providers to make changes and improve the area where you live.

What you can do

  • initiate a complaint about businesses, public services and social issues
  • mark a complaint on the map
  • share a similar experience to add pressure for improvement
  • support others' complaints by voting
Local businesses and governments can respond to complaints made against them.

How it works

Users submit complaints in a local area. These complaints appear on each area’s "local homepage". Each area gives advice on what category displays the top complaints.
We can pass on complaints to businesses or alert local governments to the site for possible improvement.