Taxis from London HeathrowT5 Arrivals rank

Taxis from London HeathrowT5 Arrivals rank

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A family group of us arrived back at the airport just after the last hotel Hoppi bus had gone at about 23:30. I went over from the bus stance to the taxis and inquired how much to take us to the T5Travelodge (about 5-10 minutes which had cost us £12 in the morning with a private firm phoned from the hotel's foyer). Perhaps for the entertainment of his buddies, or to reenforce the point for a couple of others standing, he laughed in my face and said "£35!". I turned on my heal and reentered the airport building to try to get advice on how to find my original taxi number. The Hotel International (? not sure about the International)desk was no help as the foreign guy there said I was lucky being quoted that for the they could be asking £90! He then said he could get me one for £28.I asked help to get my hotel phone number and he suggested I go elsewhere and find the internet. I think a separate complaint is in line...
But back to the point the LHR arrivals seem to think they can charge what they like and get away with it because there is no readily available alternative number or advice written anywhere to say "Go to the Departures Valet Parking Area where there is a phone for taxis".
Please push for this courtesy and save visitors from being ripped off. I found my number thank goodness and got back for £17 plus a grateful tip.

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We arrived from a 10hr overnight flight from Los Angeles and we had 6 suitcases plus handbaggage.
We went to the taxi stand to get a taxi to T3 to catch our next long haul flight to the Middle East.

The taxi driver was ignorant, rude, chauvinistic and said we had to take TWO TAXIS! He had an extended Mercedes people carrier!!
We were willing to pile our own luggage in!! He got really belligerent! Yelling etc! I said but this is an airport and you must have people with luggage surely!! He just kept being rude!

We walked away and we took the bus 441 to T 3. The bus was free from T5 to T3 and the driver was polite!
I have never ever been talked to in such a way by service industry people!! We are a quiet nice polite couple who would rather help than hinder, this was shocking!!

Doesn't give a good impression of England at all!! I'm Canadian and my hubby is English, he was appalled!!

Going to find a local taxi company and use them in future because we travel extensively.

I cannot believe it, especially after seeing the Welcone to London ads!!

I think these taxi drivers should be boycotted and any other very rude service industry people.
Bad behaviour Should not be tolerated

10:27, 12 Mar

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I am really sorry to McTutums' disgraceful treatment from typical (it would seem) LHR cabbies. I will do all I can to avoid using them. I will also recommend widely to anyone travelling into London airports to :
a) Check out free or otherwise buses available and check what time they stop for the night. Ask your hotel!
b) Ask your hotel for their favourite taxi firm that will undercut LHR etc cabbies. Ask them to phone one for you possibly.

The cabbies are rude and greedy. Avoid them, tell others to avoid them and perhaps they will stop taking advantage of the unwary. We are not all travelling on business expense accounts and are already financially on the edge paying for our flights,holiday and airport food costs. Share widely please especially to npn-English speakers if you can.

20:18, 08 May

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