Frequently Asked Questions


A Bit Too Much! is the place to complain about local services, businesses and other things that get on your nerves.

No matter where you live, you can use this site to get your voice heard and demand improvements to your local area. Here you can put collective pressure on local service providers and businesses to make changes and improve the area where you live.

A Bit Too Much! is designed to be a one-stop-place for complaints about any areas in the world.

Users can:

  • initiate a complaint about businesses, public services and social issues
  • mark a complaint on the map
  • share a similar experience to add pressure for improvement
  • support other complainers by voting

Businesses and local governments can apply for a special account to formally respond to complaints made against them, helping them to build their reputation and trust.

Users submit complaints about public services, businesses and social issues in their local area or any other areas in the country.

These complaints appear on each area’s "local homepage" in each of the three categories, so it’s easy to see what’s troubling the people living there.

Other users can support complaints by voting or sharing similar experiences.

Five businesses, public services and social issues that get most complaints are displayed on that area's each page.

We can pass on complaints to businesses or alert local governments to the website so that they can resolve issues and meet their community’s needs.


  • It’s easy to make a complaint. No matter where you are and where the thing you want to complain about is, you just need to go on and submit your complaint.
  • It’s easy to get your complaint heard. As each complaint is location based, it’s a lot easier for people who live in or have tie to the area which your complaint is about to see your complaint.
  • It’s easy to make your complaint more influential. When people who have had a similar experience vote or comment on your complaint, it adds weight to it. Complaints with most weight are displayed in a number of prominent positions throughout the website.

We think you should. We actually encourage everyone to so whenever mistreating or dissatisfaction occurs, so that improvements become possible or faster. But when you feel one or more of the following ways, we would like A Bit Too Much! to be the best place for you to go.

  • You would like to share your unpleasant experience with other people so that they can avoid the same thing happening to them.
  • You want to get support from other people so that your complaint can be more influential.
  • You would like to see your complaint joining other similar complaints and increasing power which can result in change.
  • You don’t like to do it in person, or feel as though it is a waste of time.
  • You think the organisation’s complaint process is inconvenient, inefficient or ineffective.

We know there are lots of websites available. We are determined to make it easy for your voice to be heard. We also want to help you increase the power of complaints so that the area you live in can be effectively improved. We believe the following aspects make our site unique and hopefully useful for you.

  • All complaints are location based. This means that people living in that area can easily see the bad things that are going on. It also gives useful information to people who will be going there. Complaints about the same area can be effectively collected and turned into power.
  • As well as complaining about businesses, you can also complain about public services and social behaviour. A Bit Too Much!’s mission is to help improve the area you live in. We believe you should be able to complain about anything that’s bothering you.
  • You can mark your complaint on a map. We think seeing is believing and marking a place on a map is better than just writing a description like: “The road works about 0.7 mile south of Golders Green tube station on Finchley Road have been...”. Placing a red balloon as a complaint marker on the map means other uses know exactly where you are complaining about.

Local governments and businesses can apply for a special account for FREE to formally respond to complaints made against them. All responses are listed just below the complaint so that other users can easily know both sides of the story. It is an effective way to communicate with unsatisfied customers and build reputations.

Verified business owners can also add and update information on their business pages. All the business pages created on the site are displayed on the map and searchable by different criteria on the Search Business page.

We believe that continually giving pressure and raising awareness will achieve this goal.

  • Would you be willing to spend your money in a local business after seeing it listed as one of the top five “Stay Away” businesses in an area, or reading some horrifying experience about it from other customers?
  • Would you elect the same local government/parish council after seeing no improvement in the services that most people from your area complained about?
  • Once you know that lots of people in your area are concerned about the same issue as you, would you be more confident to insist in demanding a change?

If your answers to the above three questions are “No.”, “No.” and “Yes.” We believe that’s the power which can improve your area. But first of all, you need to speak out!


You can view all content on A Bit Too Much! without registering. But when you want to submit a complaint, write a comment, vote on a complaint, rate a business or use other features on the site, you will need to register.

By doing that, it enhances your experience on the site in the following ways:

  1. After logging in, your area’s homepage automatically becomes the site’s homepage for you.
  2. When writing a complaint about your area, you won’t need to specify the area.
  3. When marking a location on the map, it will have already zoomed in to the area you live in thereby speeding up the process.

Important note: Please only select the area where you live, NOT your address. (i.e. “London”, “Wimbledon”, “Soho” and “Stratford-upon-Avon” NOT “1 Street’s name, Town’s name, Postcode”)

If the place where you live doesn’t pop up automatically, try adding your country after it. For example, if you type “Cambridge”, there might be only “Cambridge, MA, USA” in the suggestion list. If you add the country e.g. “Cambridge UK”, “Cambridge, UK” will appear in the list.

This he reason for this to issue is related to the occur is that the Google geo-coding API (Application Programming Interface) we are using and it tends to list places in the USA first.

This is to help reduce spam posts. It may take a minute longer to complete your registration, but it helps keep our site clean for all users.

Never. We take your privacy very serious. Please see our Privacy Policy to learn more.

We suggest you to check your junkmail folder for our email. Sometimes our registration email can get caught up in your junkmail folder, particularly if you have filters setup to only receive email from friends on your trusted list. If you still can’t find our email one hour after registering, please contact us. We'll respond to you as soon as we can.

Using This Site

That'll be because there are no complaints submitted in your area yet. You can either start to submit the first complaint in your area, or tell the people you know in your area so they can start complaining. Once there is a complaint about your area, you will be able to find it on Search Area page.

Yes. When you are outside your "home area", you will see a link “Add to Favourite Areas” next to the area’s name. Simply click the link, give a name to the page (normally a short name for the area, or with a category if you like) and save it. After refreshing the page, your page will appear in the “Favourite Areas” block on the left hand side of each page. Clicking on the name will take you to the page you saved.

You can have as many favourite areas as you like. To delete any of them, you may either click the delete link in the block or the “Remove from Favourite Areas” link at the top of that page.

These blocks tell users what has been mostly complained about in each area. “Stay Away” lists top five businesses, “Urge Improvement” lists top five public services and “Pay Attention To” lists top five social issues. A block will not appear if there are no complaints about its category.

The “Stay Away” block lists up to five businesses that have received the most complaints in each area. The business with the most complaints is listed at the top of the list.

This block warns site users to ‘stay away’ from the businesses listed until they are off the list and noticeable improvement has been made.

The “Urge Improvement” block lists up to five public services that have received the most complaints in each area. The service with the most complaints is listed at the top of the list.

This block tells site users the most unsatisfactory services people received from that local government. It also reminds local people to check if their local government has been taking steps to improve those services.

The “Pay Attention To” block lists up to five social issue categories which have the most complaints. The category which has the most complaints assigned to it is listed at the top of the list.

This block lets site users know what’s concerning people in that area. A bit too much! encourages you to be more confident to insist in demanding a change.

At the end of each complaint, there is a question “Have you had similar experience?”. Voting “Yes” shows support or adds weight to this complaint and influences the “Top complaints about” block, which is displayed on the right hand side of each complaint’s page. Voting “No, but I support this complaint” adds weight to this complaint when listing "Most Supported Complaints" on that area’s page.

Check your account page. If you don't see it there, it may have been removed. Content in violation of the Terms of Use on A bit too much! may be removed by our moderators. You may not be notified when this occurs.

Making a Complaint

You need to be logged in to submit your complaints. If you haven’t registered with us, please register here. It won’t take more than a minute before you are able to submit your first complaint.

After logging in, you will see a red “Submit Complaint” button on the left hand side of each page. Clicking on the button will take you to the submit-complaint page where you just need to fill in the form by following the instructions.

As you WON’T be able to make any changes to your complaint post after submitting it, we suggest you click the “Preview” button to check you’ve said everything you want. After ensuring that, click the “Submit” button. Your complaint will be displayed in the local area.

No. It’s completely free to write your complaint and start the process of improving the area you are complaining about.

In the submit-complaint form, click button under "Local Business" option and you will be taken to the "Add business information" popup window where you can fill in the business’s basic information. After clicking the “Submit” button in this popup, the business’s information will be automatically attached to your complaint. From then on, other users who want to complain about the same business will be able to use the information you provided.

We suggest you to choose the one with the most accurate information about the business and then report the other businesses to us by going to their pages and clicking the “Report” link on the right hand side of the page. Doing this will help us to keep the website free of duplicate entries making it more usable for everyone.

Please tell us the name of the organisation. If a few people also tell us, we will add a new category. We welcome any of your suggestions too.

Please tell us what category you want. We will review and add if we think it’s appropriate. We want to cover all categories without having a list that is too long and it’s a difficult balance.

If the area doesn’t pop up automatically, try adding your country after it. For example, if you type “Cambridge”, there might be only “Cambridge, MA, USA” in the suggestion list. If you add the country e.g. “Cambridge UK”, “Cambridge, UK” will appear in the list.

This issue is related to the Google geo-coding API (Application Programming Interface) we are using and it tends to list places in the USA first.

A complaint should be based on a honest, factual, and impartial personal experience. You should try to include details like times, places, and both sides’ statements in your complaint. Also try to make your statement as objective as possible. Please remember, writing a false statement can get you sued.

By writing your complaint on A Bit Too Much!, you must be hoping to get support from other people and make improvements happen. Would you support a complaint if you don’t understand what actually happened or don’t trust it?

For a business, you can tick the option of “Please notify the business of my complaint posting and notify me when the business responds to my complaint.” in the submit-complaint form and provide us the business’s email address. After submitting the complaint, a notification email will be sent to the email address you provided. You can also share your complaint with your friends and contacts through facebook, twitter, email, etc. The more people that know about it, the more easily the business would find it.

For a local government, when the number of complaints about a certain service reaches a certain level (to be decided) we will get in touch with the related local government to alert them of this problem’s seriousness. We will also suggest that they open an account on our site, which is free, to better communicate with local residents and meet their needs.

Don’t be frustrated. There are various reasons why your complaint might not get a response. It may be the organisation is not aware of your complaint, or the notification email hasn’t reached the right person, or the organisation hasn’t paid much attention to your complaint, etc.

Unless they have improved what you were complaining about, it’s likely that you are not alone and the power of all your complaints will keep increasing. A situation will change when a business notices its revenue is down, or when a local government realises they are no longer supported their constituents. So please don’t lose faith in any of your complaints.

You can comment on the response or on the complaint so other users know how you feel. The organisation can also choose to respond to your comment by replying to your comment or writing another formal response which would be posted below your original complaint.

If you are happy with the way your complaint is dealt with by the organisation you complained about and the improvement they have made, we suggest you changing the status of your complaint from “active” to “resolved”. To do this, you just need to go to your complaint’s page and click the “Change status” link below the title of your complaint, and choose the option “resolved” on the new page and click “Submit”. By doing this, you can demonstrate the power of your complaint to other users as well as encourage other organisations to take steps to make a change.

No. Because it could make it very difficult for other users to have a good picture of what has happened. Some comments or responses made against the original post may make no sense to the edited one. Any disputes also need a good posting track as proof.

If the mistake could make your complaint deliver a totally wrong message to other users which isn’t your intention, you can go to your complaint’s page and click the “Change status” link below the title of your complaint, and choose the option “withdrawn” and click “Submit”. After withdrawing your complaint, nobody else will be able to view that complaint or any of its comments anymore.

Content Moderation

We will investigate the reported content. If the reported reason is true, we will remove that content from our site. If we believe the reported content is in no violation of our Terms of Use , we will remove the “Report abuse” link from this content so that no one can report it any more.

If we have enough reason to believe the reported business pages are duplicates, we will remove them from the site. We decide which pages stays using the following criteria:

  1. The page that has had a verified business owner.
  2. The page that has the most accurate information about the business.
  3. The page that was created the first.

No. All the complaints and their comments will still refer to the same business. The only difference is this business now has an owner who can hear the complaints and more accurate information.


Before you can formally respond to a complaint, you must be verified as the owner of your business and be logged into our site. Then on the complaint’s page, you will see a link “Respond to this complaint” below the complaint content. Clicking the link will take you to the submit-response form where you can write your response. You can also click the red “Submit Response” button on the left hand side of each page, choose the complaint you would like to respond to from the drop down list in the form and write your response there.

First of all, you need to be logged in.

If your business’s page already exists on the site, you will see a red “claim” button on that page. Clicking on it will take you to a new page where you need to choose “I am the owner.” Option. You must provide a scanned or photographed copy of a utility or phone bill that includes your business name and business address.

If you can’t find your business page on the site, you can click the link “Are you a business owner” on the left hand site of each page and click the red “Create my business page” button in the popup window. You will need to fill in some basic information about your business and repeat the step mentioned above.

We will reply to your application as soon as we can. You should receive an email from us regarding the result within three working days. If you don’t, please get in touch with us.

You will be able to add more information about your business to the business page, including introduction, phone number, opening times and much more. You can also update your information whenever you like.

It gives you a good opportunity to promote your business to the critical, but could-be loyal, potential customers in your local area.

You can also keep customers updated with any news, events or offers.

Yes. When you post a complaint or comment, it still displays your initial registered username. The website only displays the name of your business when you respond to a complaint made against your business, on the response’s page. So technically speaking, nobody else would know that your business and your username are under the same account unless you tell them. Please note, everywhere you make a comment, it displays your username, not your business name.

You can report it to us by going to that page and clicking on the “Report” link on the right hand side of the page.

No. However, if you would like to supplement the response you previously wrote, you can submit another response which will be displayed right below your first one.

If you believe the complaints are untrue, we advise that you respond to them. We believe that it’s very important for business owners to respond to complaints. You can let site users hear the story from your side, clarify what has exactly happened and regain your reputation.

If you believe that someone is slandering your business, it would be advisable for you to speak to legal professional about the situation. A Bit Too Much! will comply with court orders.

A complaint may only be removed from our website either by order of a court or the fact that it is in violation of our Terms of Use.

One of our staff will manually check the documentation we receive and phone the business if he/she thinks it’s needed. We will ask for more information or documentation if we are in doubt of what we have received.

We will keep it safely in our database as a record without any access from the public. Please see our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Governments and Local Councils

You need to send us an email to express this intention. The email address must have a domain name that is clearly related to the council you work for ( i.e. ).

In the email, please tell us your name, your position in the council, phone number at work and the reason that you are applying for the account. We will reply to you as soon as we can (normally within three working days).